PIPEFAB has earned an enviable reputation amongst competition, as a reliable manufacturer of quality mild steel pipes and fittings that meet diverseneeds and specifications. Our modern factory premise, located on Subang Industrial Park's 8-acre site boasts 2 state-of-art production lines. An added advantage as it is strategically located close to highways, airports and port. Currently, PIPEFAB employs hundreds of skilled staff. The marketing department where you can place your orders is conveniently located at our company's office in Jalan Kelang Lama.

PIPEFAB's current minimal annual production capacity of mild steel pipes is approximately 30,000 tons. Nevertheless, we are planning to expand in order to double our current production capability.

As the leading pipe fabrication specialist in Malaysia, PIPEFAB provides the following services and products:

Mild steel welded pipes
Mild steel bends and tees
Flexible couplings and adaptors
Collar and flange joints
Other specially requested works

We strongly believe that we have a winning combination Our extensive experience in the business of pipe fabrication together with our dedicated and skilled staff will work very hard to ensure our fabrication project, of any size be delivered with quality, on time and within budget.


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